Saturday, February 17, 2018

FEBRUARY - National Bird Feeding Month

For me, feeding the birds is a natural stress-free and entertaining activity. There is nothing more exciting then to see a new species of bird appear at your feeder or to see the colorful finches, cardinals, and blue jays mingle with the common song sparrow that sings a cheery tune in the bushes outside the windows. 

Finches and Woodpecker on Tube Feeder
It is estimated that one-third of the U.S. adult population feeds wild birds in their backyards. For many, it’s a fun activity that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike and encourages bird watching as a hobby. It also allows wild birds a supplement to their natural diet of weed seeds and insects while offering entertainment and relaxation for the human population.

In 1994, Congressman John Porter, of  Illinois, introduced a resolution to recognize February as National Bird Feeding Month. This is the time, in cold climates, when many birds need the most help with their food supplies as well as a place to find available water.

For young children, bird feeding and watching, is an excellent educational experience. They can identify the different species of birds, use a field guide, learn the feeding and living habits of birds, do research projects and reports, and most of all—have a pleasant interaction with adults.  With the use of a digital camera, they can chronicle the various types of birds with pictures, learning the skill of photography as well.
Song Sparrow
If you’ve not tried bird feeding as a hobby, give it a whirl. It’s like having your own wildlife reality show where the characters change every few minutes and their antics and songs keep you entertained.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Sweet Kiss - A Valentine Day's Special Offer

SWEET KISS is now bundled in a Candy Heart's set called "Sweet Stuff" for Valentine's Day,  along with some other great short stories. You can find the set on Amazon for $5.99 at:

SWEET KISS is also available until Valentine's Day for $0.99.


Hands gripping the wheel, Tappe cleared his throat and hesitated. When he spoke, his voice was calm, but calculated. “I don’t know how to say this, Kate. Not without offending you. I was sorry to see you were getting married even though I hope, to all the heavens above, you’ll to be happy. Whoever he is, he’s one damn lucky guy. What’s his name?” He looked over at her, and his gaze hardened with disdain. “But I swear, if the SOB ever breaks your heart, remember I’m still here to pick up the—”
“Stop, just stop!” Kate sliced the air with both hands, then brought them to her forehead and pushed her bangs out of her eyes. “I’ve been trying to tell you ever since the day you tried to demolish the drainpipe with that wrench—I’m not engaged to anyone.” She shot him a withering glance.
His eyebrows rose in amazement. “What did you say?”
“I said I’m not engaged.”
“What about the ring?”
“It’s an inheritance from my Aunt Fay.”
“I don’t understand.”
“What’s not to understand?”
“Whoa, you’re serious?”
“Why would I lie?” They were trading questions and answers like they were on a television game show.
“Say it again,” he urged.
“I. Am. Not. Engaged.”
Seconds later, the truck swerved, then slid to a stop at the side of the road. Before she could collect her thoughts and sputter another word, Tappe’s strong arms tugged her across the seat toward him. His lips descended on hers while his arms gathered her in an embrace. The sweet taste of strawberries on his lips sent shivers of desire racing through her. He pulled back, cupping her face in his hands. “Those last four words were the best I’ve heard since I arrived in Little Heron Shores,” he whispered against her lips.
        “I’m glad. We’re crushing the lobster rolls,” she said.


Thursday, February 1, 2018

Groundhogs Day - Is Winter Ending?

February 2nd is Groundhogs Day and an all-important celebration in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, as well as around the United States. It’s based on the idea of a groundhog, also called a woodchuck, emerging from its hibernation to predict the weather. If the groundhog sees its shadow and returns to its burrow, there will be six more weeks of winter. But, if the animal does not see its shadow, then spring is right around the corner.

In Pennsylvania, where the annual ceremony is held, the natives and townfolk know the famous furry fellow as “Punxsutawney Phil.” And Phil doesn’t live in the ceremonial stump on Gobler’s Knob where he emerges, but in Phil’s Burrow which is an indoor structure next to the library resembling a natural habitat where he dines on corn on the cob, carrots, celery, lettuce and kale, and granola bars. The latter is used to keep his ever-growing front teeth from getting too long.

Also known as the whistle pig, the groundhog is actually a member of the squirrel family. They are slow, lumbering runners and when they sense danger head for their dens which are tunnels in the ground. They are covered with two coats of fur: a dense grey undercoat and a longer coat of banded guard hairs giving them their distinctive "frosted" appearance. The young groundhogs are often called chucklings.

The primary predators of groundhogs are hawks, foxes, coyotes, bobcats, dogs, bears, eagles, and humans. And, let’s not forget the automobile. Although groundhogs rarely come in contact with humans, they are capable of are capable of carrying fleas, ticks and rabies.

Groundhogs are among the few mammals that enter into true hibernation starting the end of October and until late February. They are strict herbivores. In the wild, they eat a variety of vegetables including soybeans, beans, peas, carrot tops, alfalfa and grasses. They prefer to burrow nearby where they feed—in fields, pastures, along fences, roadsides, and near building foundations, and bases of trees. For the farmers and gardeners, groundhogs are a nuisance and the holes they make in fields often result in damage to equipment. Foundations to building are often compromised; and these critters have been known to cause electrical outages from gnawing on underground wires.

But despite his ability to be a nuisance, every year since 1887, thousands of people gather in Punxsutawney on February 2nd to await the prediction of spring. He is so popular that in 1995, Phil flew to Chicago for a guest appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show, which aired on Groundhog Day of that year.

So let’s have some fun. Will it be an early spring…or six more weeks of winter? Only Phil…and maybe the weatherman, knows for sure.

Friday, January 19, 2018

JANUARY eBOOK SALE ~*~ Three Books $0.99 Each Author Judy Ann Davis

Until February 1st, three books are on sale for $0.99.
Here is a blurb from each of them.

When widower Rich Redman returns to Pennsylvania with his young daughter to sell his deceased grandmother’s house, he discovers Grandmother Gertie’s final request was for him to find a missing relative and a stash of WWI jewels. 

Torrie Larson, single mom, is trying to make her landscape center and flower arranging business succeed while attempting to save the lineage of a rare white rose brought from Austria in the 1900s.

Together, the rich Texas lawyer and poor landscape owner team up to rescue the last rose and fulfill a dead woman’s wishes. But in their search to discover answers to the mysteries plaguing them, will Rich and Torrie also discover love in each other’s arms? Or will a meddling ghost, a pompous banker, and an elusive stray cat get in their way?

When architect Elise Springer’s father is injured, she immediately leaves San Francisco to care for him. The last person she expects to encounter in her Pennsylvania hometown is her childhood friend Lucas Fisher. Lucas is investigating his brother’s death, and Elise can’t resist lending a hand. 

Lucas longs for the close family ties he never had. He’s back in Scranton to set up a classic car restoration business and build a future. The torch he carries for Elise burns brighter than ever, but before he can declare his love, he must obtain the legal rights to adopt his nephew—and prove his brother’s death was no accident. 

As they unearth clues pointing to find a murderer and a missing stash of money, Elise faces a dilemma. Is her career on the West Coast the key to her happiness, or is it an animal-cracker-eating four-year-old and his handsome uncle instead? 

“Up on the Roof and Other Stories” is a unique collection of nineteen humorous and serious short stories exploring the lives and relationships of the young and old.

Story teller Judy Ann Davis weaves her award-winning tales to make her readers laugh, maybe cry, but always able to relate to the unique characters and the dilemmas they encounter.

A grizzled old farmer, Pop, climbs up on his farmhouse roof to meditate, check his chimney and antenna, and ends up talking to God on his portable phone in “Up on the Roof.”

In “Bald Revelations,” Maureen is convinced her husband of twenty years is planning to leave her when he purchases ten new pairs of black socks and starts singing Beach Boy songs.
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Thursday, January 18, 2018

MEET THE AUTHOR: Tena Stetler ~ A Vampire's Unlikely Alliance

I'm happy to introduce Author Tena Stetler and her book, "A Vampire's Alliance." Tina refers to herself as a paranormal romance author with an over-active imagination. She wrote her first vampire romance as a tween, to the chagrin of her mother and the delight of her friends. Her books tell tales of magical kick-ass women and mystical alpha males that dare to love them. On winter evenings, you can find her curled up in front of a crackling fire with a good book, a mug of hot chocolate, and a bowl of popcorn.  She shares her Colorado home with her husband, a spoiled parrot, and a forty-five-year-old box turtle.

What inspired you to write your first book?
I’ve written stories since I learned to write. As a child, I wrote stories of faries, unicorns, demons, vampires, witches, and other paranormal creatures for my friends, family for birthdays, Christmas --that kind of thing. Back then, yeah, I was that strange kid with an over active imagination. But as they say, life happens while you make plans, making a living intervened. After being downsized from my IT job of 14 years, my hubby and I decided it was time to follow my dreams. Shortly there after, I was getting my hair cut and playing the “What If” game with my hairdresser. It went something like this:

What if the hairdresser is really a ruggedly handsome demon overlord? What if a powerful witch breezed into his salon and the attraction was undeniable? What if the salon is multi-species catering to mortals and paranormal creatures alike is located in Washington DC? What if portals to the underworld were in places you frequent every day? Adds a new dimension to our concept of DC, doesn’t it? My debut novel, A Demon’s Witch, was born in a hair salon from a song

Stefan is a Native American vampire, former assassin for the Vampire Council. In a twist of fate, he now DJ’s the midnight shift for a small radio station in Whitefish, Montana, on the edge of Glacier National Park where his secret is safe until...

Born in Ireland, Brandy now works as a park ranger and trail guide in the park. During a full moon, Stefan and Brandy’s paths cross in a near physical collision on a trail. Their attraction is immediate and undeniable, almost as if fate demanded it.

Their union was foretold long ago in Irish folk tales where vampires and gryphons, warlocks and demons, witches and faeries must work together for the good of man and magic kind. Is a trip to Ireland the key to unravelling secrets and returning the magic? And even more importantly, will their love survive the trip?  
It was nearly midnight when he cut across the Sun Road to another trailhead, so intent on his goal that he nearly collided with an attractive young woman. He skidded to a stop, spraying gravel, rocks, and small twigs down the road in front of him. A pinecone dislodged and bounced along the road past her. Tall and slender, she had miles of fiery-red hair that hung down her back in a cascade of curls. Intense emerald eyes stared back at him as he attempted to regain his composure, not to mention balance. What the hell was she doing here at this time of night?

“Whoa.” She stepped lightly to the side to avoid the flying debris. “You really should watch where you’re going, especially at that speed.” Her voice scolded, but the smile on her lips teased. “Someone could get hurt.”

Stefan Talltree, at your service.” He stepped closer, leaned over in an exaggerated bow, and caught her hand, brushing his lips over the palm and wrist, inhaling her sweet scent. AB negative with a pulse of adrenaline. Perfect. Her pulse beat a tattoo against his lips. He backed away.

Her heart thundered as she drew her hand from his grasp. “The name’s Brandy. Pleased to meet you, Stefan.” Her smile reached up into her bright eyes as they swept over him with an appreciative glance, an experience he enjoyed.

Her voice had a hint of Irish lilt to it. He liked that too.

“Where do you work that requires you to report in at—” She glanced at her watch. “—midnight?”

Nostrils flaring, he paused. Blood? Not hers. The sound of Brandy’s voice brought his attention back to her and the situation at hand. “Oh, shit, I’ve gotta go!” He sprinted off, leaving her standing alone.

As he started down the trail, the tree branches swayed in the silvery moonlight, casting eerie shadows across the trail’s edge. The breeze brought with it the coppery scent of fresh blood mixed with sulfur. He turned for one last look at her as she wrinkled her nose before silently creeping into the wind, tracking the source of the stench.

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Sunday, January 7, 2018

A look from. . . UP ON THE ROOF

Updated and released in digital and print, Up on the Roof and Other Stories is a unique collection of nineteen humorous and serious stories exploring the lives and relationships of the young and old. A bonus mystery story has been added.

Here are some synopses of stories 
included in the book:

A first grade teacher believes her husband of twenty years is leaving her and their two teenage sons when he purchases ten pairs of new dress socks and starts reviewing their insurance policies. Despite her mother’s assurances, Maureen is further convinced he’s cheating when he starts singing Beach Boy songs and tries to persuade her to buy a sporty red convertible. 

 When Rita and Jane decide to start a small woodworking business, they never expect their husbands to get involved. But get involved they do. Mitch and Bill decide their wives need their expert computer advice and their meddling could spell disaster even before the business gets off the ground.

Two young professional couples decide to go to the lake to fish. Jerome believes that women are not necessarily equal in all masculine tasks, but Angela, his girlfriend, is about to prove him wrong.

Brita Larson saved the life of an Arapaho brave, Nitis, who now believes he's indebted to her and routinely brings gifts to her ranch.When she then helps rescue his sister, Onawa, from some evil white men selling guns to the renegades, Britta is certain she will never get rid of this gift-bearing Indian. More importantly, how will she explain him to Deputy Sheriff Wyatt McGee? 

An old World War II flyboy relives memories from the past when he waits with his grandson to return to his unit after leave. The old man’s superstitions and love become evident when he gives the young man a lucky charm, an ancient coin minted in 1652 and given to him by a barmaid in England. 
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(In paperback: $9.75)
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