Awards & Praise

"Storyteller Judy Ann Davis weaves her award-winning tales to make her readers laugh, maybe cry, but always able to relate to the unique characters and the dilemmas they encounter.”  ~ Long and Short Reviews  [Reviewing: Under Starry Skies]

“Judy Ann Davis writes with her heart. If you enjoy cleverly constructed, witty dialogue that brings a novel's characters to life and keen descriptive writing, you'll enjoy this book [Key to Love]. Guaranteed to make you laugh, cheer. . .and wholeheartedly enjoy the ending.”  ~ Josh - Amazon Author & Reviewer – 5 Stars

“Davis deftly handles a large cast of characters in Red Fox Woman and manages to give them each well-defined personalities and interesting motivations. She accomplishes this through deftly constructed dialogue which is the highlight of the novel.” ~Amazon Reviewer – 5 Stars


                             AWARD-WINNING NOVELS AND NOVELLAS:

RED FOX WOMAN -finalist in International Book Awards and Best Book Awards by JPX Media Group 

FOUR WHITE ROSES - finalist in the Book Excellence Awards, the Georgia Romance Writers' Maggie Award, and the American Fiction Awards

WILLIE, MY LOVE - finalist in American Fiction Awards

HUCKLEBERRY HAPPINESS - finalist in International Digital Awards for Historical Short by the Oklahoma Romance Writers of America

ADELENE ~ THE VIOLINIST - winner in the International Digital Awards for Contemporary Short by the Oklahoma Romance Writers of America                       


                                        OTHER WRITING AWARDS:
 Writer's Digest Magazine
1991 Short Story Writing Competition
Adding It All Up
26th Place of 100

Writer's Digest Magazine
1993 Short Story Writing Competition
Recycling Kyle
92nd Place of 100

Authors in the Park

Fine Print 1993 Short Story
Recycling Kyle
10th Place

Writer's Digest Magazine

1996 Short Story Writing Competition
The Amulet
43rd Place of 100

Writer's Journal
2008 Short Story Competition
The Wedding
First Place

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