DECEMBER 2ND QUESTION - Are there months or times of the year that you are more productive with your writing than other months, and why?

I find that the holidays seem to detract me from writing. Late spring is also a hard time when there is yard and house work needing attention as warm weather approaches in Central Pennsylvania. However, with the pandemic, I have multiple story ideas swirling around in my head, but no desire to get them in order and onto paper. I'm hoping I'm not the only writer that's in a slump. With the holidays now upon us, I'm anticipating all the decorations, colorful lights, and delicious food will bring cheer and motivation to us who are writers...and to everyone struggling with these unusual times. Happy Holidays! 


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  1. No, I don't think you're alone in having a hard time finding time to write during the holidays. And the pandemic is making it harder for many of us to stay focused. Hope you get working on the ideas swirling in your mind.