Sunday, April 19, 2020

What We Know About Worrying

                 Worry often gives a small thing a big shadow—Swedish Proverb

Are you a person who worries? With the current problems we are now facing with the COVID-19, I’m certain there is a lot of worry going on over the entire world. However, worry does absolutely nothing for our physical, emotional, or spiritual health. It makes us anxiety-ridden and often prone to blow a small situation or thought into a giant one, casting a big dark shadow upon our lives.

Generally, if we dissect our worries, we’ll find that they are either something that happened in the past or something we think that might happen in the future. So, while we’re focusing on what is bothering us, we forget to live in the present.

There are many things we can do to dispel worry and anxiety. Psychologists believe that the first thing you must do is face your fear and then refrain from unrealistic thoughts. How? Focus on mindfulness, which is being in tune with things that are happening right now. Divert your attention by doing something different like going for a walk, cleaning a closet, listening to music, solving a crossword puzzle, or working on a creative project. Lastly, devise a plan or practice problem-solving. Focus on the things you can control in a less than perfect situation.

What is my favorite way of dispelling worry? I find a quiet place, usually outdoors on our patio swing, and clear my mind. It’s my form of meditating. I also talk to myself and repeat my very favorite saying: “Never let anyone steal your joy.” At times, I have had to revise the phrase to include: “Never let anyone (or anything) steal your joy.” Whatever best works for you, do it. Yes, these are unfortunate times, but we must not give up hope and allow ourselves to hide in the shadows of despair.  

Emily Dickinson said, “Find ecstasy in life; the mere sense of living is joy enough.”

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Although I don’t have a release date yet for HUCKLEBERRY HAPPINESS,” the edits are finished. Here are the cover and blurb:

In 1885, Emelia Stone and her sister must learn to operate their deceased parents’ bakery in a small town in Pennsylvania. A large mortgage looms on their family home. When her sister leaves town, Emelia is forced to handle the bakery and burden alone.

The Pennsylvania Railroad is searching for the perfect dessert for its passengers. Joe Sawicki, owner of Sawicki Brothers Ice Company, is certain Emelia can win the contest and the hundred- dollar bonus if she creates a special ice cream to accompany her popular huckleberry pies. He has loved her since they played hooky in grade school to explore the company’s ice cave.

Can Emelia find courage to stand up to the town’s bully to win the competition? And will Joe have the mettle to express his undying love and win first place in Emelia’s heart?