Sunday, September 1, 2013

See You in September

"See you in September. See you when the summer's through." Can you name that song? Of course, See You in September, which was originally sung by the group, The Tempos, in 1959. It became much more popular when it was later released in 1966 by the group, The Happenings. Since then, it has been released by various other groups like the Pacemakers.

It's one of my favorite songs especially since Labor Day and September signal the end of summer and the beginning of autumn. The clever landscape artists will arrive in Pennsylvania in four weeks and will paint our hillsides in colors of gold, scarlet and tangerine. Autumn brings cooler misty nights, foggy mornings, and warm sunny days. It’s sweat shirt weather. And it's the sound of crackling leaves and the bubbling laughter of children as they gather at the bus stop. It’s the smell of wood smoke in fireplaces and outdoor fire rings.

September also reminds us that we need to finish all those fair weather chores before winter creeps up on us. The mild weather lets us reassess what we hoped to accomplish and determine what we really need to get done.

For me, September is a new beginning and a chance to evaluate the writing projects I want to complete before the holidays come galloping into my life to distract me. 

I love September in Pennsylvania. So I'll see you in December. . .when the autumn’s through.