Friday, July 11, 2014

You Can't Have Too Many Shoes, Can You?

I have always been fascinated by shoes. When I find a pair that fits, I often buy the same style in a different color. You can’t have too many shoes, can you?

History cannot pinpoint exactly how or where the first shoes actually evolved. However, I am convinced that the process was probably spurred on by early cave women, egging their menfolk to develop something that fit better, felt better—and looked better than what their neighbor was flaunting when she emerged from her cavern to pick berries and gather firewood.

Various sources state that the very first footwear that resembled shoes were found in drawings on Spanish cave walls some 15,000 years ago. The crude shoes were merely baglike wrappings made of animal fur and skins that may have been padded with grass and leaves and were worn in the cold regions or on hazardous terrain.

The first know footwear in warm surroundings consisted of sandals made of plant fibers or leather. The ancient Egyptians wore sandals as early as 3700 B.C. along with the ancient Greeks and Romans. In China, people wore wooden-soled shoes and cloth shoes for thousands of years. American Indians developed leather moccasins long before European settlers arrived.

Somehow through the ages, shoes have become a part of people’s clothing; and fashion often determines the style of shoes a person wears along with the climate and a person’s occupation and activities.

HERE ARE SOME REAL FUN FACTS (with credit to ShopSmart):

According to Consumer Reports National Research Center for ShopSmart magazine, the average American woman has 19 pairs of shoes. But she only wears four pairs regularly and one quarter of the average woman’s shoes have only been worn once!

On an average, a female from ages 13-16 may own about 15 pair of shoes including sneakers. And older woman 16-21, who perhaps has a job: 25-40 pairs. A mature woman 25-+, anywhere from 40-60 pair of shoes.

Thirty-three percent, or one third, of women have trouble finding the room to store all of their shoes.

Close to half of the female population (43%) has been injured, at least moderately by their shoes.

Sixty percent of women have regretted a shoe purchase.

So, tell me, what’s on your feet and what’s in your closet?


  1. Love those red shoes, Judy. They look perfect for drinking red wine. I love shoes that are high enough to fall off. Only trouble is I can't walk in them.

  2. Frances--Thanks for the comments. I've given up wearing the high heels over the last few years except for special occasions. It just amazes me how many different kinds and designs of shoes that exist. But I'm not surprised sixty percent of women have regretted a shoe purchase. Almost every one of my female friends I ask have said, "Yes!"

  3. Fascinating post. I actually dread shoe shopping because I'm guilty of having many pair that do not fit well and I don't wear. I get attached to several pairs of shoes like a favorite blankie. And I have to go shoe shopping soon...

  4. There's no such thing as too many shoes...unless you have limited closet space and a grumpy husband. "How many pairs of brown boots do you need?!?" or similar variants has been uttered in my household many times! LOL. I love shoes. What I love even more are matching shoe-purse combos!!! I love it! And it's completely impractical to the small southern Saskatchewan town with rickety paved roads that we moved to. I downsized and now have about 20ish pairs of shoes and boots, not counting flip flops (which I adore). Fantastic post Judy Ann! Loved it.

  5. Beth and J.C. --Thanks for your comments. I just talked with five other women today and they assured me that no matter what the statistics indicate, they think "more" than thirty-three percent of women have trouble finding room to store their shoes. Bet the stores just love us. LOL

  6. I admit I have one vice: I can't resist buying shoes. If I even enter a shoe store, I am committed. Once last fall I tried on a few pairs of shoes in my favorite shop and actually walked out without even one pair. By the time I found my car, I was kicking myself for not buying those very cute sandals. So I zipped back and pulled out my credit card.