Red Fox Woman

Finalist in 
the Best Book Awards and
the International Book Awards
Rancher Flint Ashmore never expected to find a redware potter squatting on his property he purchased along Cherry Creek with his four brothers and sister. 
With a ruthless fiancĂ© on her heels, Julia Gast has fled from Pennsylvania to the Colorado Territory to set up her pottery business and raise horses.  She desperately needs not only the rich clay deposits of Cherry Creek, but also cash to survive.  Against her better judgment, she aligns herself with a renegade Indian who helps her gather wild horses to sell to the same army which is hunting him.
 But long-held secrets in the Ashmore family and Julia’s past will set off a  series of chain reactions, throwing Flint and Julia together to try to thwart mutual enemies who are trying to destroy them. 
 Will quick wits, a simple ring flask, and a meddlesome Indian be enough to help the pair discover the truth . . . and to ultimately find the peace and love they are seeking?
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Original Edition
Second Edition


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