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MEET THE AUTHOR: Anna Durand - "The Mortal Falls" [Undercover Elemental, Book 1]

Please welcome Anna Durand who is from Michigan, the Great Lakes and Midwestern regions of our nation. She writes romance, both paranormal and erotic contemporary. When she sneaks away from her computer, you might find her listening to an audio-books.

                                When asked what she's working on now, she says...
"I've always got at least two projects in progress at any given time, so I can switch back and forth between them as needed. If I get stuck on one, I can work on the other. Right now, I'm deep into writing the second book in my Hot Scots series, Wicked in a Kilt, and having a great time with it. I love writing the hero, Aidan, because he has a wicked sense of humor and revels in the seductive effect he has on women, without being arrogant about it. The heroine, Calli, insists she will never sleep with him, or worse, fall in love with him--which gives me plenty of opportunities for humor as her resolve slips."

I'm also working on the second book in the Undercover Elementals series, The Mortal Fires. Lindsey and Nevan return in this book, but I've thrown them into even more trouble this time. Nevan's wife shows up and an incubus sets his sights on Lindsey, so you might say they've both got their hands full!

My third project in the works at the moment is Kinetic, the third book in the Psychic Crossroads series. I'm exploring the idea of psychic terrorism and what that might look like, and of course, the romance gets steamy! That's about all I'm working on at the moment. 

A pragmatic human thrown into a world of magic...
Lindsey Porter fled from her traumatic past, determined to lay low, but now someone has framed her for murder. The quest for answers leads her into a parallel realm where magic reigns, and with a hostile sheriff and a shapeshifting assassin on her trail, she must place her life in the hands of a seductive, supernatural man who tempts her like no one else.

An immortal sylph enslaved by magic...
Nevan is trapped by a desperate bargain struck a century earlier, yet the beautiful, spirited Lindsey has enticed him to abandon his magically enforced duty. As forbidden passion flares between them, they'll risk everything to uncover the truth and find what they both need the most—redemption.

When two worlds collide...
The fates of the elemental and mortal realms depend on the star-crossed lovers. As dark secrets from their pasts threaten to shatter the fragile trust between Lindsey and Nevan, a shocking revelation holds the power to deliver salvation or destruction.

        He jerked his head, glancing past me, past the tree. I listened, but my ears detected nothing except the soft rumble of the falls and the thudding of my own heart. His gaze shifted to the water. "I wish I could assist you, but I'm afraid I must go."    
        "You can't. We have to call the police."
        He pushed away from the tree. "Sorry, darlin'. Can't help ye with that."
        "You must've seen something."
        He shrugged, his shoulders flexing. "I saw what you saw, nothing more."
        "You have to stick around and tell the police your story."     
        Humor glinted in his eyes and his lips twitched into a half-repressed smirk. "My presence would do nothing to help the situation. Take my word on that."     
       Well, he did have a point. A half-naked man with freaky eyes corroborating my story probably wouldn't console the sheriff. Oh hell, given my relationship with the sheriff, he'd slap cuffs on me for being in the vicinity of trees, never mind my stumbling onto a corpse.     
       The stranger swung his head to the left, diving his face into my hair, and inhaled deeply. Sniffing my hair? What the hell? I slapped my palms on his chest and shoved. He didn't budge. I pushed harder, but I might as well have wrestled with a giant redwood.
       He lifted his head, eyes clouding with confusion. "How odd. I thought it was your hair, but it isn't. You smell of—I must've imagined it."    
       "I don't understand a word you've said."
       He fingered my hair, then withdrew his hand. "At least I succeeded in distracting you from the poor dead fellow."
       The stranger pulled back and opened one palm. A flower appeared there, as if by magic. A daylily, its white petals blushed with pink. His other hand spread open, revealing my gun balanced on his palm. He pressed the derringer into my hand and curled my fingers around it. "Thought ye might like to have this."
        I stared at him. "Uh…yeah."
        He tucked the flower behind my ear, planted a kiss on my forehead, hopped back a step, and vanished.


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Anna Durand is an award-winning, bestselling author of sizzling romances, including the Hot Scots series. She loves writing about spunky heroines and hunky heroes, in settings as diverse as modern Chicago and the fairy realm. Making use of her master's in library science, she owns a cataloging services company that caters to indie authors and publishers. In her free time, you'll find her binge-listening to audio-books, playing with puppies, or crafting jewelry.



  1. Welcome, Anna, to my blog. It's always a pleasure to host a fellow author. Best of luck with "The Mortal Falls."

    1. Thanks for hosting me, Judy. I finally got the comment form to work for me after three days! Computers hate me this week. :-)

  2. Nice to meet you! Good luck with your book.

  3. Oh my, Anna, I am totally envious of how prolific you are. I wish I could turn out more than a book a year, but I am still a slow coach...moan! All your books sound terrific, wishing you the best of luck. Anni x

    1. Anni, I used to take two years to finish a book so don't feel bad! :-) I had to evict the perfectionist in me to write faster.

  4. You're a busy girl, Anna. Fascinating blurb. I'll give your book a try. Good luck.

    1. I like keeping busy. :-) Enjoy the book!

  5. Enticing!

    Good luck and God's blessings

  6. Anna--you're my idol! I'd love to learn more about how you manage to be so prolific. Good luck with the new book. Claire Marti

    1. Maybe I'll write a blog post to tell you, Claire. :-) Thanks for stopping by!