Tuesday, May 23, 2017

MEET THE AUTHOR: Maureen Bonatch - "Destiny Calling"

I'm happy to introduce a fellow Pennsylvania author, Maureen Bonatch, who hails from a small town in Western Pennsylvania. She writes humorous paranormal romance and fantasy. When not pounding the computer keys, Maureen likes to relax by watching a movie...or yes, writing!

What is her favorite time of the day for writing? In her own words.....
"My favorite time of the day for writing is before the day officially begins. The time between night and dawn when I can quietly consider the mysteries of the night while capturing the hope of a new day. The paranormal and the possibilities of the extraordinary are more certain when I can almost tap into dreams as the world peacefully slumbers."

When the woman who raised Hope is murdered by something not human, Hope loses the only family she knows and discovers one she might wish she never met. With a touch that can make the desperate hopeful, Hope is the answer. The only question is if she can deal with sibling rivalry, accept that entities feeding off despair exist, and determine if Griffith is the man of her dreams, or not at all what he seems. 

I strained to release my arm from Griffith’s vise-like grip while scanning the surrounding trees, trying to determine which was less of a threat, the beast of a man holding me or those who might be waiting for me in the woods.
“You will come inside, now.” Griffith spoke slowly and deliberately as if I were a small child.
I batted at the hand Griffith placed on my head. “I’m not a puppy, quit petting me.”
“I will protect you.” Griffith’s warm breath caressed my ear. “If for no other reason, to find out what I’m giving up and why she wants you so badly.”
I inhaled his masculine scent, like musky earth. It washed over my face, and the tension in my jaw released. I stopped struggling. “Are you the devil?” My tongue was thick and heavy so the words came out slurred.
“Not even close.” His words soothed and comforted, like having a weighted blanket cocoon me. Each movement was an effort. It wasn’t the same as the thing in the woods. This was more like the feeling after a long massage or bubble bath.
“It’s not safe.” Griffith wrapped his arms around me, and I rested against his broad chest.
“It’s not safe.” I nodded. My muscles relaxed and my eyelids grew heavy.
“It’s cold. We’re going inside.” Griffith kept his arm supporting me as he steered me toward the house.
“We’re going inside.” I parroted and walked up the steps, leaning heavily on him.
Out of the corner of my eye, something was cautiously moving at the edge of the woods. Branches snapped as whatever was observing us crept closer. 

Buy Links:
Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Destiny-Calling-Enchantlings-Book-1-ebook/dp/B00Q3OB85I/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1493731505&sr=8-3&keywords=maureen+l+bonatch

The Wild Rose Press: http://catalog.thewildrosepress.com/paperback-books/927-destiny-calling-paperback.html?search_query=maureen+bonatch&results=6

Author Bio:  
Maureen Bonatch grew up in small town Pennsylvania and her love of the four seasons—hockey, biking, sweat pants and hibernation—keeps her there. While immersed in writing or reading paranormal romance and fantasy, she survives on caffeine, wine, music, and laughter. A feisty Shih Tzu keeps her in line.