Saturday, April 21, 2012

Three Merry Mysteries

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A Sticky Affair
Million Dollar Murder
Diamonds Aren't Forever

THREE MERRY MYSTERIES is a collection of three, quick read "Whodunit" mysteries and two bonus short stories. 

In a STICKY AFFAIR, Vicky Hanson wants desperately to move from her tiny, gaudy-looking apartment, but her fiance, Ronald, has embezzled $100,000 of company money and left her with some whopping debt. To add to the chaos, Ronald's obnoxious stepsister is insisting that Vicky help her find the location where her brother hid the money.

The Baker sisters in MILLION DOLLAR MURDER inherit two million dollars. Bernice generously donates her money to the local school and leaves for a European tour with her niece. The other sister, Lydia, is killed days later. Who killed Lydia and why?

In DIAMONDS AREN'T FOREVER, Eleanor bakes Great Aunt Katherine's diamonds into muffins to put them on ice until she can unload them for money. Will she be successful?

This collection also contains two bonus short stories: THE GIRL NEXT DOOR and THE WAGER. These two fun-filled tales are about a girlfriend's antics in reaction to a former boyfriend's marriage and a father's devotion to his daughter who's about to become married.

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