Friday, July 26, 2013


KEY TO LOVE, a mystery and romance, currently only on Kindle and coming to print in October, has the main character, Lucas Fisher, owning a car restoration business. Lucas drives a ’77 Trans Am, replica of “The Bandit” car in “Smokey and the Bandit.”

Conrad Segelbacher of New York State owns a terrific-looking ’77 (Bandit) Trans Am, and although we weren’t successful in getting a picture of his car on my book’s cover, it was delightful to make contact with him and the Bandit Trans Am Club on Facebook that has over 1,060 members:

Conrad was in love with the movie, “Smokey and the Bandit,” since he was thirteen years old. When he told his father he wanted a Bandit car, his father told him in a heavy German accent to “save your pennies.” Unfortunately, his dad died three weeks later and was unable to know that 33 years later, Conrad had saved enough. He searched two years all over the USA, and found the Bandit car. Even though it didn't arrive via a tractor trailer as in the movie, it was exciting for him to drive it home. And yes, every time he turns the key in the ignition of this gleaming jet black machine, he thinks about his parents. 

The photos here are those of Conrad's Trans Am. Notice the gleaming finish that reflects everything around it in the sunlight.

I would personally like to thank Conrad, George Holt,  and all the folks of the Bandit Trans Am Club. While I write on, I wish everyone in the club my best wishes as they keep the legend alive and ride on!