Friday, November 23, 2018

Gift Buying for the Grandson this Christmas

Black Friday is over, thank goodness, and now the holiday shopping will begin with voracious zeal. This year, I’m content to do some buying on the internet. I admit I’m more inclined to shop small businesses and take a peek at Cyber Monday to snag some deals before I’ll ever consider leaving the safety of my home to fight throngs of frenzied Christmas shoppers at the malls.

After talking with our grown children, it was unanimously agreed upon that we’d dispense with the tons of present buying this year. I heard a collective sigh of relief reach my ears without using the telephone. Instead, we decided we’d all buy toys for our first grandson in Alaska. Our son and wife in Texas, who are the aunt and uncle, and our youngest son and wife in Alaska with our year-old grandson, decided it would be fun to just Skype and see what little Harvey hauled in for Christmas.

Did you know there are over 4000 results for “toys and games – for children from birth to twenty-four months” on Amazon? They even have a plastic Radio Flyer – My first 2-in-1 Red Wagon. And there are enough pull and push toys to circle the globe if strung end-to-end. Don’t get me started on books. There is over 5000 of them for one-year-old children alone.

My next question is, “Who on this planet buys all these toys?” I’m hoping that parents are taking the time to “spend time” with their children, instead of handing over tin and plastic junk to keep them amused.

I neglected to tell my son when he called the other day that he should save all the big boxes. Kids seem to love the boxes as much as the toys inside them. I’ve even considered sending some empty boxes up to the Last Wilderness. But maybe, I’ll put a set of drums in one of them. Pay back is always fun.

If you have grandchildren, use the comment box below and share what’s on your gift list for your grandchildren this year.

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