Friday, January 1, 2021

Happy New Year!

Here's hoping your New Year ahead is filled with all good things like health, happiness, contentment and peace.

Too often we forget the important things while we hurry forward in life. Take time for family, and take time for yourself—be it a quiet corner to read and reflect or an activity that brings you joy whether it's a favorite sport or a creative endeavor. I plan to finish a multi-author, contemporary short piece involving cookies as a theme, and I’d like to create and write another novella.

This year, my resolutions are few: Besides reading, writing, and finishing projects that I start, I plan to eat healthy. And, I believe it’s my duty to do everything possible to try to keep myself and others safe by wearing a mask, practicing social distancing, washing my hands, and getting a vaccine when it’s available. I pray for an end to this Covid virus and an end to the deaths and suffering that have occurred.

Let's raise our glasses and give a toast to 2021—and hope it's a good year for our people and our nation!

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  1. That's some great advice! I realized during the holidays that I was only halfway paying attention to pretty much everything, everywhere I went. There's just too much going on right now! I think simplifying and trying to carve out more quiet time, as you suggest, is the way to go. Thanks!